Zander (Stizostedion lucioperca)

It is a kind of predator fresh water fish from Percidae family. Its homeland is thought to be East Europe. Because it is a fish which is fondly eaten, it has also spread over West Europe. Zander fish has a kind body, dorsal fins which are separate from each other and a lot of sharp, long teeth. Its length may reach to 1.25 meter and its weight may reach to 12-19 kilograms and it may live for 10-20 years. Its back is greenish grey and has a general colour of pearl grey. Besides there are some brown shadows in different shapes on its back. Zander fish is an important and valuable eatable fish. It has a strong, white little spiny meat.

* It may be provided in all calibres such as frozen, all-cleaned or fillet. 

* According to the quality of product, it is possible to make any kind of packages from 250 grams of bagged product to 10 kilograms of cardboard box.