Penta Seafood

Our company took its place in 2011 with the concept of company policy oriented at exportation by combining the experiences of our partners and by advancing with their knowledge and experiences. Our company continues to meet and increase the quality expectations of our clients with its experience and knowledge in the sector. Protection of human health and natural life is our main purpose in all stages of production and in all technologies we use. Products that we produced have always been healthy and in high quality. Our service and quality of products are confirmed by the certificates and documents and our efforts oriented at reaching the better and best ones will always continue with the trust and faith of our customers and employees. All presale and after sale services are performed without sacrificing our quality purpose by all of our employees in order to provide the best benefits four our customers.     


With the ‘Quality Policy’ that our founders adopted, who have served with the same superior speciality and rooted experience in the different fields of its sector, we efficiently maintain the continuous optimisation activities in order to meet the expectations of our customers rapidly by responding the changing expectations and needs of our customers and by serving in accordance with the legal regulations and specifications in force. We agree to use the natural resources in the most productive way, to prevent from the environmental pollution and to work in accordance with the laws, regulations and customer agreements that are obligatorily accepted with the environmental policy in order to provide the best service and to use the resources effectively and productively.

Why Us!

Penta Seawood provides the product that our customers need with the right orientation and first-class service on time and in the demanded quality in all stages from production to the delivery.

Our Vision,

Our vision is to provide the products and services with quality using the customer-oriented methods and to maintain the position of well-known Sea food company of Europe.